A fund has been set to raise money for the "Nikos Oikonomakos" award for the best presentation (oral or poster) by a postgraduate student in Structural Biology at a Conference of The Hellenic Crystallographic Association. This fund is handled by a committee consisting of

The President of The Hellenic Crystallographic Association (currently Dr E Mavridis)
Prof. Socrates J. Tzartos
Dr. Spyros E. Zographos

Anyone who wishes to donate towards this fund please get in contact with any member of the above committee.

In 2008 The "Nikos Oikonomakos" award was presented to Mr. Nikolaos Mitakidis Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Democritus University of Thrace for his presentation: A Glutathione S-transferase from the malaria vector Anopheles dirus: Crystallographic analysis and structure solution of co-crystals with the organophosphoric insecticide Temephos. Ν. Mitakidis, M.J.I. Paine, J. Vontas, P.A. Tucker and B. Agianian.

In 2010 two "Nikos Oikonomakos" prizes were awarded. To Mr. Elias Christoforidis, Department of Science, Physics Laboratory,Agricultural University of Athens for his presentation: Crystal Structure of the Cyclophilin-A enzyme from azotobacter vineladii, E. Christoforides, M. Dimou, P. Katinakis, K. Bethanis and M. Karpusas and to Ms. Christina Drakou Institute of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, National Hellenic Research Foundation, for her presentation: AgamOBP1 is a molecular target for the development of novel incest repellents, K.E. Tsitsanou, C.E. Drakou, A. Thiraiou, E. Eliopoulos, K. Iatrou and S.E. Zographos.

In 2012 two "Nikos Oikonomakos" prizes were awarded. To Mr. V. Kargas, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Department of Biology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens for his poster presentation: Structural studies on the effect of non-synonymous polymorphisms in human melanocortin-1 receptor involved in health and disease, V. Kargas, N. Papandreou, P. Bagos, S.J. Hamodrakas, and to Ms. Vassiliki Peppa Laboratory of Structural and Functional Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Thessaly for her presentation: The crystal structure of Scleroium rolfsii lectin variants with fine carbohydrate specificity, A.L. Kantsadi, V. Peppa, V.T. Skamnaki, S.E. Zographos, S.R. Inamdar, B.M. Swamy, and D.D. Leonidas.  

People or organizations who have already donated towards this award:


Dr. I. Mavridis

Structural Biology and Chemistry Group, NHRF

Dr. A.C. Papageorgiou

Dr. S.J. Tzartos

Dr. S.J. Tzartos' Laboratory, Pasteur Institute

Dr. K. Petratos

Dr. N. Papandreou

Prof. A. Giannis

Prof. A. Hountas

Dr. K. Poulas

Ms. D. Louka